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it’s not about how much you can cram into a day

part of the point of this trip was to get the hell out of the intensity of silicon valley.  and more particularly, to just go with the flow…which is contrary to the way i ran singlefeed.  as ceo, i planned.  i kept lists.  i tracked.  i analyzed.

the best decision i made when i got to eurioe was just to do whatever felt right.  in this way, i hardly planned.  i gave london about 3 days notice.  i book rooms on airbnb the night before i’m supposed to arrive.  i walk into the train station and say i want to go to prague…budapest…munich…wherever.  and it just works.  and if something goes wrong, so what?  let it slide.

in each city, i haven’t seen everything i wanted to see.  it would probably take months to see everything.  but not seeing everything is perfectly fine.  i wake up in the morning and go down the list of top spots that tripadvisor has so graciously put together and just pick a couple that sound great.  and part of the time, i don’t even get to those spots because i just wander instead.

in copenhagen today, i picked a brunch spot, the nyhavn, and the museum of danish resistance (more ww2 stuff!).  the brunch spot was going to happen as i was starving!  but from there i had a vague idea of how to get to nyhavn…but didn’t really care if i made it there or not.  because i meandered as opposed to making a b-line towards nyhavn, i got to see the oldest observatory in copenhagen (didn’t go to the top, but might tomorrow), tons of cool architecture/monuments like the christiansborg palace, and i even got to listen to some jazz as the copenhagen jazz festival is in full swing.  and when i finally arrived at the museum, i was tired and the museum was closing in about an hour and a half, so i decided to grab a beer instead and visit the museum tomorrow.

right behind the museum was a restaurant.  great location, overlooking kastallet, which i now know is one of the best preserved forts in northern europe.  so who cares if i didn’t go to the museum.  i relaxed (which i needed…feel worn down, even a little sick), drank 2 beers, talked with the owner of the restaurant (one of two sisters managing the place – this was supposed to be her day off, but the sun came out so she was called back in), read my book, and walked around a really old fort.

(pictures coming soon)

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